Red Deadnettle

- Lamium purpureum and clear quartz

Essence properties: Knowing that the eternal wellspring of Love lies within us – that love can never be denied – it is only we who walk away from embracing love for ourselves and for others.

Indications: broken-heartedness; anger; bitterness; loneliness and loss of self-worth following rejection; pain of rejection from childhood; angry neediness; expectation and projection of rejection.

Further Insights: Red Deadnettle takes the sting out of rejection by handing us the key to our hearts and to infinite love.  It shows us that there is a wellspring of infiinte love arising within our hearts.  From this eternal wellspring, we can flood our whole being with love at any time, and allow that love to flow freely from us, knowing that this love is limitless and that it is always available to us all.  Love can never be withheld, it is only us in our judgement of ourselves that we cut ourselves off from the infinite source of our love that lies within us.