What's in your remedy box?

Posted by Wendy on April 1, 2020

Steps to take now!

If wish to take a prophylactic Arsenicum Album or Antimonium Tart or both are recommended

If there is fear and panic take an occasional dose of Aconite.  Marvellous for both fright and panic.  If there is anxiety, consider Arsenicum Album.

I love combinations and personally have been taking Arsenicum regularly, and have recently introduced Antimonium Tart by taking it on alternate days to the Arsenicum.   Have also been occasionally including the NJ Lung & Chest mix, which I would highly recommend to anyone with a disposition to chest challenges.  Taking the Immune System mix daily would be hugely beneficial too.

Take Vit C as a supplement (1,000mg), and if you feel zinc and selenium levels maybe low, include these. Vitamin D is also highly recommended and just a drop of iodine or start adding seaweed to your diet. Suggestions for the different phases are mapped out below.  However, refer to the list of homoepathic remedies, as a different one may be more appropriate.

Phase 1: If feeling out of sorts and have a suspicion that something is coming (feeling like going down with something).  Immediately take Aconite regularly, perhaps every ten to 20 minutes for the first hour and then reduce to every two or three hours for the rest of the day.   Increase your intake of VIT C to bowel tolerance.  (Ask, if not heard of this before).

Phase 2: If something has developed, consider moving from Aconite to Bryonia.  See alternative remedies below.  If flu like symptoms have developed start taking the Flu mix immediately.  This might be a time you would like to check in with your homeopath.  However, this is acute prescribing and homeopathy is about being the silent observer, so if you are beginning to feel anxious or panicky take a remedy for you, breathe, watch and trust in your prescribing (if you don’t, pick up the phone!).  

Aconite, Arsenicum or Gelsemium are all remedies to consider for fear and anxiety.  Also Bach Rescue RemedyAustralian Bush Emergency Essence or Alaskan Essence Soul Support would be amazing at this time….on drip, perhaps!  

Phase 3 If there are signs that the virus is moving to the chest (or you know this is the normal progression for you) take Antimonium Tart and keep alternating with Bryonia.  Introduce the Lung & Chest mix for underlying support if not already taking it, and continue with the immune System mix and Flu mix if having flu like symptoms.

If it is the throat that is causing the challenge keep up with the Bryonia and the Lung & Chest mix support and in addition take the Throat mix.  Again check with the remedy list to see if there are other remedies that should be included or taken instead.  Phos Ac has the crashing exhaustion, which is being experienced. Merc the smelly breath and Gels the aching & trembling.  See the remedy list below.

This virus is often seen to ameliorate and then return in waves, so keep with the support remedies, be the silent observer and be ready to give possibly the same remedy as previously or move to a new remedy if indicated and keep in touch with your homeopath for your support.  We all need support.

The advice above is from my experience of using remedies over the past fifteen years.  This does not mean it is absolute, your experience may be different and it does not take the place of your own intuition and advice from your own homeopath. Your symptoms may display in such a way that they are calling for a different remedy.  However those mentioned and listed below are the more common remedies that are being seen globally to be needed at this time.  The nearer we match symptoms to the remedy the better the results. You do not need to see all the symptoms mentioned for it to be the remedy to take. Below is just a synopsis of each remedy, as the picture of each is much bigger. 

NB. The French Health minster has warned that some medications are causing complications in people suffering from the Corona Virus.  Be aware that certain medication will reduce fever.  See my blog "Am I hot enough to fight a fever".  Know that homeopathic remedies are safe and effective even with the youngest,oldest and most frail on the planet and used globally by 500 million people and growing daily. 

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Remedies used and found effective with symptoms seen in Corona Virus 


Patient falls ill suddenly.  High fever with great thirst & restlessness.  Sudden chill.  Intense fear, even panic.  Short dry cough, no expectoration.  Give immediately at first sign of symptoms.  NB indicated to take at first sign of not feeling well.


Loose, rattling cough. Chest feels full of mucus. Can't raise the phlegm. Bubbling respiration. Patient has no strength. As if drowning in phlegm. Drowsy, sleepiness. Especially in later stages of illness. 

Arsenicum Album

Sore throat, runny nose.  Breathless, wheezy, chest feels tight.  Chilly, can't get warm.  Restless anxiety. Great weakness. Diarrhoea and/or vomiting.  Thirst for frequent sips.  Worse midnight to 3am.


Cough dry, hard, racking, painful - holds the chest.  Stitching pains in chest. Patient is worse any movement, worse warm room, better in cool air.  Difficulty inhaling. Dry lips, mouth, throat. Thirst for large amounts. Headache, pain in limbs.


Slow gradual onset.  Patient feels drained, trembling, weak muscles. Can't think clearly. Heaviness of head, eyelids and limbs. Low thirst. Dull headache, shivery.  Dizziness, blurred vision. Chills up and down spine.

Mercurius Viv or Sol

Profuse sweating. Offensive breath. Swollen glands. Sore throat. Creeping chilliness. Alternately hot & cold, can't get comfortable.  Worse at night especially when warm in bed.


Deep cough, worse from talking, laughing, cold air, lying on left side.  Chest feels heavy. Voice hoarse or lost.  Burning sensations. Over sensitive to light, odours, noise, touch.  Thirsty for cold drinks.

Phosphorus Acid

Apathetic. Indifferent to everything.  Weakness & debility.  Crashing exhaustion. Diarrhoea. Hopelessness.  Worse from being talked to. Weak feeling in chest from talking. Dry cough from tickling in chest.

Narayani Flu Sp 22 – Includes Eup. Per. Take on onset of flu like symptoms

Narayani Immune System Sp 26 – Take daily as an immune system boost

Narayani Throat Sp 40 – Take on onset of any throat symptoms

Narayani Lung & Chest Sp 31 – Includes Ant Tart. Take daily if disposition to respiratory challenges and for support if virus develops to the lungs.

In an acute take the remedy often as the energy of the remedy gets used up quickly.  Take 1 pillule every ten/fifteen minutes to begin with.  Back off as you see a change and repeat as needed or perhaps every hour or every two hours and then moving to three times per day.  Be guided by what you observe.  Change is usually seen within the half an hour in an acute.  If there is no change, change the remedy.  Also change the remedy as the remedy picture changes. The Narajani mixes are for support in the background and can be taken 1 pillule three times daily.   If taking a prophylactic, consider whether the virus is in your area.  If there is a likelihood of becoming infected take your chosen remedy every day, otherwise twice a week.


The remedies listed above are those that I have picked out to be in in my personal emergency remedy box at this time and those that have been made up into a kit for my clients.  They are being safely and effectively used by homeopathic practitioners around the world at this time.

This information is not intended to replace medical advice or care.  Contact a health professional if you need further homeopathic or medical support. 

If you require advice on homeopathic remedies or essences and how to take them or would just like to have a chat at this time get in touch.  I offer A FREE 30 Minute session

Blessings, Wendy Alexandrar