Staying in the Light

Posted by admin on May 24, 2016

'Light workers", 'Shining your light', are all terms that we have heard countless times and this morning for the first time I heard 'Stay in your light'.

I felt the message was to remind us to keep connected with spirit on a continuous basis, checking in with our self, moment to moment. Where were our thoughts? What were the feelings running through our body?  Slow everything down, follow the breath and bring the self back to centre.  This is so important for our wellbeing and it really is easy to do.  So why are we not all doing it and feeling in harmony with life?  

It is often because we love the story and instead of chasing away the chattering mind and breathing through the thoughts to bring self back to peace we get carried away with 'our story'.  If we could just step away from 'the story' and centre ourselves we could stay in our light and share our light with others.  

Awareness is the first hurdle, as without this we don't even notice that we are not centred.  I have found that working with the Light Heart essences continuously over this past year has brought about a new awareness and sensitivity to energy.  It is this that I am most grateful for, as with this new awareness great change has to follow.   It is perfect timing for the Light Heart Essences to support us with this change, so that we can all 'Stay in our light'.