About Me

I am passionate about natural medicine and supporting others to live a more fulfilled life, free from the restrictions of sickness of the mind, body and spirit, to enable life to be lived to it's full potential.  

I trained at the Lakeland College of homeopathy where I studied, homeopathy, essences and nutrition and where I was encouraged to develop my intuition and the development of my ability to hear and know what others require for healing.

I work with individuals via video link or in person in Yorkshire in the UK, Europe and the USA.   I also work with groups over Zoom with those intersted in spiritual development and vibrational medicines. See: Dynamic Homeopathic Course 

The Story that brought me to homeopathy

"You are on medication for the rest of your life" - the gauntlet was thrown.  This was the beginning of my journey for there had to be another way.  I could not accept this statement from my Doctor.  I said nothing.  Our eyes met as I left the consulting room and he warned "don't mess about with it, it will bite your head off".  It was actually the spur I needed, and as I picked up the gauntlet I knew there was another way, I just had to find it.  It, actually found me just in the way that "things happen".  At the time I was sensitive to everything including the cats, so off to the vets we went seeking their grooming services and realising my challenge they suggested getting in touch with a homeopath they knew, and so I discovered the magic of homeopathy.  I spent the next three years bringing up my newly born daughter experimenting with different remedies to help my own health, changing my diet completely and yes using remedies for my daughter when she was unwell.  By the time my daughter was three I was asthma free and decided to enroll on what became a four year course in homeopathy.

The course took me to Edinburgh, The Lakes and London as I learned more and more about homeopathy, herbal tinctures, flower esences and the energy system.  It felt like I had stepped into another world.  I remember thinking where had I been.  "Had I been living under a stone all my life", as I met people who had always known about alternative ways and complementary medicine.  

The greatest challenge was yet to come, as when embarking on homeopathy college we were asked to tell our story and as I proudly anounced that I was now asthma free the response was not I expected as it was intimated that I had a lot of work to do.   I had no understanding of what was meant at the time.  I do now.  It was the beginning of my spiritual journey, which perhaps has been the real work, however it has been a journey to freedom.  It has taken me through times of terrific change and brought me to where I am now, able to support others on their own journey.

Wendy Alexandrar lives and works in Richmond, a beautiful part of North Yorkshire in the North of England and is passionate about imparting the knowledge that has empowered her to keep herself and her family well.  Told in no uncertain terms that she would be on medication for the rest of her life, just after the birth of her third child, prompted her to find a different way.   Consequently homeopathy and a new way of living came into her life, as she became medication free.  

Trained at The Lakeland College of Homeopathy and graduating in 2005 led to further training and studies including: Tinus Smit CEASE protocol & Inspirational Homeopathy, Isotherapy, Homeopathic Bowel Nosodes, Colour Remedies, Narajani Remedies, Sound Remedies, Phytobiophysics, Gem Elixirs, Wild Earth Essences, Alaskan Essences, Bach Flower Essences, Bailey Essences, Californian Essences, Light Heart Essences and Living Essences of Australia. Further courses in 2020 with Ian Watson and Jeremy Sherr, both amazing homeopaths.

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Just so you know, being a client gives you:

  • All remedies and essences prescribed at the time of the consultation. *
  • Any remedies required for an acute arising between appointments.  
  • My time spent working on your case between appointments.
  • An emergency ten minute call, if needed, between appointments.
  • Assurance that the cost of your consultation will not be increased.
  • A credit when a new client books in as a result of personal recommendation.  
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* Unless a remedy has to be ordered from the main pharmacy. (Charged at cost).


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