Are you hot enough to fight a virus?

Posted by Wendy on March 24, 2020

Yes, you’re absolutely gorgeous, however, am actually referring to the way the body deals with invaders.  Temperature & Fever! 

Every year a new virus or strain of virus appears, and each time it evolves our immune systems have to step up or they are taken over, and we succumb, but it doesn’t have to be that way.   Viruses are clever, however our immune systems are clever too, and in the case of an invader our immune system has a strategy.

A rise in temperature creating fever is a natural response.

The invader is detected and the immune system sends a signal for the body temperature to rise, being it’s innate mechanism to destroy intruders including viruses.  It literally burns them off.  As a parent or carer this can really challenge us, bringing up fear.  However, this is what is needed.   Suppressing the process with medication can and does lead to complications, as seen in France prompting the health minister to warn about the use of anti-inflammatory medications.  At this time 79 medications have been listed.  What to do!



I personally turn to homeopathy every time.  I have been using it for 20 years for myself and my family and am now in my fifteenth year of homeopathic practice, so I have seen the speed it works, particularly in acute situations.  So which remedy to use?  The homeopathic community has been collecting data and studying the cases across the globe looking for what we refer to as the genus epidemicus.  This being THE remedy to use in a particular epidemic and the success of this strategy through history has been well documented.  


Current Pandemic 

The Indian Government suggested early on that the genus epidemicus is Arsenicum Album, which has a remedy picture of being very fearful, which fits of course with the current climate of fear we are experiencing, plus it has a strong affinity with the lungs.  With the increased number of cases being seen and more symptoms coming to light, alternative possibilities have been put forward.  However, with this remedy fitting the fear, specifically the fear of dying and interestingly the fear of germs it is a great fit and can understand it's choice.  I am never sure how accurate statistics are, but having seen the extraordinarily low number of cases emerging from India one wonders if the use of this remedy could be having an effect!


Homeopaths of the World

Jeremy Sherr, an eminent homeopath working in Africa, specialising in epidemics, has studied cases from different countries across the world and sees another remedy emerging, Antimonium Tart, which has weakness and prostration, affinity with the lungs and also the sensation of drowning and not being able to take in any more air.  If wanting to take a prophylactic this could also be a remedy to consider. 

Ton Jansen yet another eminent homeopath (there are many) from the Netherlands has seen the remedy Antimonium Sulphuratum Auratum, a similar remedy, which again has an affinity with the lungs and also a dry hard cough with pains all over the body. 

Rajan Sankarran an amazing second generataion homeopath from India who has devoted his life to homeopathy has come up with Camphora and again it fits the symptoms well and includes collapse, so it could also be considered and used in the same way.  


Get prepared

Consider taking one of the above remedies as a prophylactic.  It is recommended that this is taken before any symptoms, twice a week increasing to every day if living in an affected area.  

If you have a remedy box fantastic, if you haven’t they can be obtained from Helios or Ainsworth Homeopathic Pharmacies, as many of the key remedies such as Aconite, Arnica, Bryonia, Eup-Per, Ferrum Phos, Gelsemium, Merc-V, Phos, Phos-Ac that are matching the symptoms being seen at the moment are included, with the added bonus of Arsenicum Album and Antimonium Tart two of the possible genus epidemicus remedies.   Remember a virus is an acute, so you can do this, you can prescribe from your own remedy box and match the symptoms you see as they arise.  Very empowering and extremely rewarding as you observe the response.  If you want to hone your skills and grow your confidence by doing an online course or you need support in prescribing, contact me.   I am here to support you.   

If you have underlying health issues or stresses, maybe now is the time to make changes, and consider booking in for Homeopathic Treatment with the intention of strengthening your immune system and decreasing your susceptibility. 

Always follow the current instructions of the day with regards to procedures and advice from the NHS.   Needing to know more about treating fever & temperature natually contact Jayne Donegan MD who is a  Doctor, homeopath and teacher and can be found through the internet easily.

Keep grounded, aligned, and connected, and let us all breathe deeply with the earth during this time of change.

Blessings & Nameste 

Wendy Alexandrar x



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