Annie, Newton le Willows, North Yorkshire

I would recommend Wendy without hesitation…the results have been miraculous…After suffering from back to back ear infections, six burst ear drums, finishing one course of antibiotics and starting another we were desperate for a solution for our 18 month old daughter Rosie. During this time, Rosie had been seeing a hearing specialist and was failing her tests. However, since seeing Wendy over two years ago, and following her treatment of homeopathic remedies and a change of diet never again has she suffered from an ear infection and her aural skills have improved dramatically, now having normal hearing for her age, back on her usual diet and probably the healthiest of our three children.

Becky, Masham, North Yorkshire

I felt the benefits of the homeopathic treatment immediately. The rosacea greatly improved and I felt much healthier!

Catherine, Constable Burton, North Yorkshire

I have noticed a significant change in my general health, no headaches a reduction in ‘hot flushes’, only a couple in the last fortnight. Even my friends noticed a difference in me after just a week of taking the flower essences prescribed. I felt that life’s troubles washed over me.

Daisy, Northumbria University, Newcastle

A week before I was due to go skiing I was diagnosed with mumps and the doctor told me there was no cure and that I would be ill for two weeks. Wendy Alexandrar made me a solution and four days on the majority of my swelling had gone down and my throat felt back to normal enabling me to go on the skiing trip. Wendy was very professional and from now on I am almost certain I would use homeopathic remedies rather than antibiotics.

Debbie, Richmond, North Yorkshire

Since consulting Wendy and taking the homeopathy and flower essences my wellbeing has improved a great deal. I have clear skin, bright eyes and my mental state is very calm making me feel relaxed.

Gina, Wensleydale, North Yorkshire

Being diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome I decided to seek an alternative and natural way of treatment. I found that Wendy took the time to look deeper and beyond the symptoms, which gave both physical and mental benefits, restoring my confidence and self-belief and enabling me to go back to work after a five year career break.

Jenny, Gilling West, North Yorkshire

For me, receiving help through homeopathy and flower essences was a very positive experience. What was ‘black’ became light and a weight was lifted. I would recommend Wendy to anyone wishing a non-invasive therapy.

Judith, Leyburn, North Yorkshire

My young son has been using inhalers to control asthma for approximately three years. After one consultation with Wendy I noticed an immediate improvement in his health and wellbeing. Two appointments later he is a much healthier and therefore happier child.

Lulu, Richmond, North Yorkshire

I have found both the reiki and homeopathic remedies hugely beneficial and Wendy a sympathetic practitioner.

Mark, Haslemere, Surrey

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am about my hands. Thank you very much indeed. After many years of trying to clear a skin complaint using conventional medicine I had a consultation with Wendy. After taking the prescribed homeopathic medicine my hands which had been itchy, very painful and often bleeding cleared up and have stayed clear for two years so far.

Olwyne, Stockton Co. Durham

An excellent day. Meditating on the essences has given me a greater insight into their potential. Wendy is an excellent teacher.

Ros, Wensley, North Yorkshire

Wendy is an intelligent, caring person who found solutions to my problems. She is trustworthy and reliable and I can recommend her to anyone.

Sandra, Richmond, North Yorkshire

Wendy uses her intuitive skills to prescribe what is needed for each individual, helping each one to take part in their own healing process thereby bringing effective and lasting results.

Tania, Richmond, North Yorkshire

Wendy Alexandrar and I attended a beauty product demonstration…I’d had the product on my skin only for seconds yet my skin reacted quickly. My eyelids started to swell and become very red and inflamed. I described the feeling as ‘not having enough skin for my face’. 
Thankfully, Wendy immediately knew what to do and after taking homeopathic remedies my skin started to calm down and the swelling subsided. Thanks again Wendy for not only being there that night but also for your calmness in the situation.

Tracey, Richmond, North Yorkshire

The homeopathic remedies prescribed by Wendy have been excellent in controlling my son’s asthma. Although still using medication the amount required has decreased and the remedy we use to control any acute symptoms takes effect more rapidly than his ventolin.

Wendy, Richmond North Yorkshire

My Doctor seemed ignorant to the fact that I was suffering from candida and as a result I have had needless suffering. Now with Wendy’s guidance my health has improved by changing my diet and taking the remedies and essences prescribed.

June, Breast Cancer Support Group, Darlington Hospital

You shone as you spoke with us all last night, thank you.

Liz, Catterick, North Yorkshire

After a whiplash injury Wendy gave me remedies for the muscle pain and headaches and within a couple of days I felt so much better - it was amazing!  I had never used homeopathy before, but will definitely use it again.

Adele, Richmond, North Yorkshire

Wendy delivers this course with great knowledge and passion it is a course suitable for complete beginners and for those who have already used homeopathy and wish to expand their knowledge. A bonus has been the wonderful friendships that have evolved between the students. I thoroughly recommend it.

Donna, Halifax, West Yorkshire

The Flower Essences are working well. I experienced a shift between 'doing' and 'being.' I was content with where I was instead of feeling that I was missing out on other experiences. I've also noticed a return to my more centered and serene self. I didn't even feel nervous before my talk on Tuesday and over 40 people turned up.

Pamela, Hindhead, Surrey

I have some wonderful news!  I've waited two weeks to make absolutely sure; not only has my rash gone but the itches have gone too!   Thank you for all the time you've put in to finding a cure and getting the poisons out of my system - I think you were right about the cause

Pearl, Richmond, North Yorkshire

Just wanted to say thank you so much for your help with remedies to get my energy back after the ill effects of anesthetic.

Sam, Brisbane, Australia

You have been a real inspiration to me on my journey.

Love and blessings xxx

Sue, Richmond, North Yorkshire

The workshops and talks were brilliant. Thank you.

Debbie, Costa Blanca, Spain

You were inspirational Wendy. Thank you for being our Wellbeing Group - Costa Blanca Speaker. Please come back soon!

Alexandra, London & Xavier, Spain

I attend many holistic/spiritual events and it is very rare that I encounter someone as gentle and understanding as yourself.  You were incredibly aware of the energy of your guests and that of the room.  Thank you for creating such a warm, safe environment to explain more about the beauty of the gifts you share!

Sue, Hunton, North Yorkshire

You taught me how to move on and make decisions.  Couldn't have done it without you.  The world needs you!  

Jacquelyn, Spain & UK

Thank you for your essences and homeopathic remedies which help me keep in balance through the menopause and life in general!

Pauline, Saltburn, Co Durham.

Working with Wendy has given me confidence, strength and belief in myself.

Bronwyn, Catterick, North Yorkshire

The chronic sinus pain that I suffered from for 18 months to two years stopped within a week of starting homeopathic treatment with Wendy and have been almost 100% clear ever since.  Previously specialists had advised me that I was allergic to so many things that I would be on steroids and pain killers for the rest of my life.

I used to hear lawnmowers with dread, knowing the sneezing, coughing, itching and pain would follow very shortly, but this year I’ve had none of my usual symptoms and can enjoy the smell of freshly cut grass! 

Leoni, Scotton, North Yorkshire

Amazing, had a really sore throat, chesty cough for over a week, went to see Wendy who provided a remedy and woke up this morning, hardly any coughing and all the gunk cleared off my chest.

Fantastic! Would highly recommend.

Helen, Salisbury, Wiltshire.

After having taken two lots of homeopathic drops yesterday, I feel so much better.  It's as if the thick, woolly fog around my eyes and skull has just disappeared, my eyes are wide open, I feel two inches taller and I can breathe properly.  Please carry on your work of healing people.  You have such precious skills.

Bronwyn, Catterick, North Yorkshire

I suffered a devastating loss of a loved one and the flower essences Wendy uses helped me beyond measure. They helped me remain calm and accept the loss in a far more manageable way.

I honestly cannot recommend Wendy enough.  She has literally changed my life.

Mary, Durham

After taking the essences I was amazed at how they assisted me with stuff that I hadn’t been consciously addressing.  Thank you Wendy for your wonderful healing.

Ruth, Durham

I saw Wendy when I was depressed and very ill and felt things were pointless.  I have since lost 5 and half stone, and have, you could say a new life, feeling joyful each and everyday.  This started when I sat down with Wendy and had a flower essence consultation, it was painfully accurate, but put in a very gentle and encouraging way.   I followed the advice and used the essences and haven’t looked back.  Thank you so very, very much. 

Angela, North Yorkshire. UK

Remedies helped imediately to lower the temperature.  Big Love x Angela

Merv, Richmond, North Yorkshire

I was suffering with a pain deep in the lung, difficulty with breathing and a constant cough which was tiring and made me feel weak. This went on for three weeks and then within moments of taking the remedies given by Wendy the cough stopped and within five hours the pain in the lung had gone and I could breathe easily.


Alina, Darlington. UK

My daughter started to have eczema approximately three years ago which became very bad (bleeding).  We visited the GP again and again and were advised that eczema was normal in children and given hydrocortisone creams that weren't doing any good.  We found this unacceptable and looked for an alternative way, and found homeopathy.  We are now celebrating being eczema free for nearly five months and as a mother I feel so grateful, accomplished and positive.  Many thanks Wendy!