Homeopathy for flu symptoms

Posted by Wendy on March 24, 2020

Do your flu like symptoms match these remedies?



Could these Homeopathic Remedies be the answer? 

The following remedies have been safely and effectively used by homeopathic practitioners around the world in response to the current situation. Other remedies may be needed, but the ones below are widely available and will help a majority of cases.

If anxiety & fear is very strong – start with Aconite or Arsenicum. If dry cough is the main symptom, start with Aconite or Bryonia. If there is great weakness, use Arsenicum, Gelsemium, Phosphorus or Antimonium-Tart. If bronchial/respiratory symptoms predominate, use Bryonia, Antimonium-Tart. or Phosphorus.

Select the remedy that is the closest match to the patient’s main symptoms. Chosen remedy should be taken in 30c potency, every 2 hours at first then reduce frequency to every 4 hours until symptoms clear. If no relief within 24 hours, or symptom-picture alters, change the remedy accordingly. If you don’t have 30c potency, use what you have locally available – if the symptoms match, it will still help.  I personally like 200c.  


Patient falls ill suddenly.  High fever with great thirst & restlessness.  Sudden chill.  Intense fear, even panic.  Short dry cough, no expectoration.  Give immediately at first sign of symptoms.

Arsenicum Album

Sore throat, runny nose.  Breathless, wheezy, chest feels tight.  Chilly, can't get warm.  Restless anxiety. Great weakness. Diarrhoea and/or vomiting.  Thirst for frequent sips.  Worse midnight to 3am.


Cough dry, hard, racking, painful - holds the chest.  Stiching pains in chest. Patient is worse any movement, worse warm room, better in cool air.  Difficulty inhaling. Dry lips, mouth, throat. Thirst for large amounts. Headache, pain in limbs.


Slow gradual onset.  Patient feels drained, trembling, weak muscles. Can't think clearly. Heaviness of head, eyelids and limbs. Low thirst. Dull headache, shivery.  Dizziness, blurred vision. Chills up and down spine.

Mercurius Viv or Sol

Profuse sweating. Offensive breath. Swollen glands. Sore throat. Creeping chilliness. Alternately hot & cold, can't get comfortable.  Worse at night especially when warm in bed.


Loose, rattling cough. Chest feels full of mucus. Can't raise the phlegm. Bubbling respiration. Patient has no strength. As if drowning in phlegm. Drowsy, sleepiness. Especially in later stages of illness.


Deep cough, worse from talking, laughing, cold air, lying on left side.  Chest feels heavy. Voice hoarse or lost.  Burning sensations. Over sensitive to light, odours, noise, touch.  Thirsty for cold drinks.



Note: This information is not intended to replace medical advice or care. Contact a health professional if you need further medical or homeopathic support. The above remedies can be obtained at health food shops, some chemists, specialist homeopathic pharmacies 

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