Homeopathy is a complete system of natural medicine, which has been practised worldwide for over 200 years, treating mental, emotional and physical disease by stimulating a person’s own self-healing response. This aspect means that the range of conditions which homeopathy can help with is almost limitless.  Safe, effective and non-addictive it is no wonder that homeopathy is growing in popularity as people wish to play an active role in their own healthcare, and that of their family’s.

By considering the needs of the whole person, rather than just the symptoms of a particular condition, homeopathy works at the underlying cause of ill health treating the root of the problem, bringing in not only a state of balance and wellbeing, but also effective and long-lasting results.

Questions often asked:

Q.  How do I know if homeopathy can help me?

A.  Homeopathy can help every family member, even our pets, and in accidents and emergencies it comes into it's own whoever it is that has sustained the bumps and bruises or is in a situation of suffering from an abscess or bee sting.  After giving a remedy we can often literally see the swelling going down before our eyes.  

Chronic conidtions are treated through the consultations and we see a steady improvement over time as balance is restored in the individual and energy and wellbeing returns.  Please check out the Testimonial Page to see what others have said.

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Q.  Is homeopathy safe to take alongside conventional medication?

A.  Homeopathy and orthodox medication can work safely alongside each other.  What this means is that whilst you are on possible life saving medication you can take homeopathy and work at the cause of the ill health, allievating symptoms, and enabling you with the support of your Doctor to reduce medication as the condition improves. 

Q.  How can I learn more about homeopathy?

A.  I run workshops on how to use homeopathy in everyday situations which are perfect for those who would like to care for themselves and their family with a more natural approach.  They also can serve as a grounding before continuing learning at a higher level and becoming a practicing homeopath.  

As a mother I often felt frustrated and powerless when the children were ill, and it was as I discovered how homeopathy could support childhood complaints, such as chickenpox and croup providing an alternative to cough medicine and paracetamol based medicine that I became empowered with regards to the health of my family.  Courses in homeopathy

Q.  Is homeopathy safe and effective for babies and young children?

A.  A very definite YES.  If you have found that your child is not improving under the guidance of your Doctor and have concerns about the prescribed steriods or antibiotics contact a homeopath and see if alternative non-toxic remedies can be given instead.  Many a time when my daughter was young, I loaded her in to the car with a rash or an ear infection, only to find it has disappeared by the time we had got to the Doctors surgery, as we had been administering remedies on the way. With chronic conditions such as asthma, skin problems or behavoural problems we would need to make an appointment for a consultation. 

Q.  Is homeopathy for everyone?

A.  Next to western medicine Homepathy it is the most widely used, complete medical system in the world and used by 300 million people.  It safe and gentle and has no side effects.  Working at all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spirtitual it brings about balance, so that we can become free of disease (dis-ease meaning not at ease), of the body, mind and spirit.  There is no need to believe in homeopathy, as has been shown by it's effect on young children and our pets who can not be influenced by placebo.  

Q.  Can homeopathy be made affordable for all?

A.  If there are income concerns we could discuss this within the free session. 

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Please note if you have a child who has suffered side effects of vaccines and you are on low income or unwaged I have a scheme where the fee is subsidised.  Please enquire