Light Heart Essences

The Essences that are for you are the ones whose images "speak' to you or you are "drawn to".  It's fascinating how they are always spot on and clicking on the images will confirm this for you!    A beautiul blue bottle with up to eight essences of your choice from The Mediterranean and or the Light Heart range can be sent to you anywhere in the world by letting me know here which you have chosen. (Move between the essence page and the order page via the tabs (windows) at the top of the page to keep your order)

Yellow Hyacinth - Hyacinth “City of Haarlem”

Respect for others, knowing that we are all equal in worth, recognising another's gifts, qualities and potential as well as our own.

Wild Cyclamen - Cyclamen coum

Inspires us to develop inner strength, solidity and knowing. Connects us to our intuition and strengthens our awareness of our higher Self, our guides and our guardian angels.

The Rose - Rosa “Mme Isaac Periere”

For the courage to be fully individual in our expression and the creation of our lives; for allowing ourselves to express our true divine nature in the world.

Stitchwort - Stellaria holostea

Shows us that we are all interconnected beings, that we are not alone, and that we will always get the help and support that we need when we need it.

Sweet Pea - Lathyrus odoratus

Knowing that we are never alone; recognising the divine nature of all beings and re-uniting with our own divine essence; knowing that we are not separate from Infinite Love.

Red Quince - Chaenomeles speciosa “Simonii”

Helps us to enfold our wounded child, Our Self, with unconditional love, to begin to heal childhood wounds of judgement and loss.

Violet - Viola odorata

Enables us to move beyond fear and take our gifts out into the world whilst staying centred in our true source of power. Enabling us to be 'seen'.

True Power - Crocus thomasinianus “Royal”

Realising that true power lies within us, in the limitless love and truth of our being – that this is power and stature beyond measure, and can never be diminished or taken by anyone.

With Love - Rose - “Sophie’s Perpetual"

Encourages us to create a life that is rich and varied, relaxed and inspiring, abundant, and filled with beauty, joy and creativity. Doing what we love and loving what we do.

Sweet Hunza - Prunus armeniaca

Embracing and appreciating the opportunity in the now. 'All is well and all will be well'.

Speedwell - Veronica persica

Coming into timelessness enabling us to take all the time we need.

Sky Blue Comfrey - Symphytum aspermum

For relaxing into the total peace and joy of divine being, into infinite safety and freedom from suffering.

Rosebay Willowherb - Epilobium angustifolium

For welcoming and allowing increasing expansion of awareness of the multi-dimensional reality of all life; for connection to the spirit in nature, the natural world and to the earth.

Reunion - Fraxinus excelsior

Integration and synthesis of multi dimensional awareness, left and right brain, masculine and feminine, within and without, seen and unseen, spirit and matter – duality & one-ness within one being.

Red Poppy- Papaver rhoeas

For a fiery sense of self-worth; for constructive use of anger to bring about positive change; setting boundaries without guilt.

Red Gladiolus - Gladiolus sp.

Integrity in sexuality; clarifies our initial choice to enter into a sexual relationship; healing men’s and women’s experience of sexuality; celebration and respect of women’s sexuality.

Red Deadnettle - Lamium purpureum and clear quartz

Knowing that the eternal wellspring of Love lies within us – that love can never be denied – it is only we who walk away from embracing love for ourselves and for others.

Red Clover - Trifolium pratense

Encourages us to settle into our peace in the moment, to get things in perspective and to help us feel safe and supported, whatever situation we are in.

Pussy Willow - Salix daphnoides.

Flexibility born out of responding to the real flow in life – to what is truly comfortable and appropriate, to our inner rhythms and our real sense of timing; for knowing that life supports us if we support and honour ourselves on a daily basis.

Pure Love - Narcissus “Paper White”

For purifying and clarifying the intentions of the heart and for understanding clearly the motivation and desires which influence our relationships.

Pink Cherry - Prunus “Kanzan”

For a deep sense of unconditional tender, compassionate love; heart softening and opening; nurtures and soothes; for unconditional love; inspires tenderness and sensitivity.

Physostegia - Physostegia virginiana

Enables us to stay in our integrity, so that we are able to peacefully observe whatever is going on around us, and can connect within to our intuition, to the truth of a situation, to how we are feeling and to what feels appropriate.

Phoenix Rebirth - Ulex europaeus

Inspires us to heal our perception of ourselves and others, with deep understanding and compassion - to withdraw our judgement, and to nurture a new way of relating - a fresh start, based on compassion, understanding and mutual self-worth.

Peaceful Detachment - Achillea millefolium & quartz

For peaceful detachment from the emotional energy or suffering of others; for safe connection to others at the level of the Higher Self - beyond fear, ego reaction and emotional drama.

Passionate Life - Amaryllis belladonna, amethyst & quartz

Energy, enthusiasm, courage, adventurousness, motivation, zest for life and new experiences; being passionately alive; overcoming obstacles and setbacks; rebuilding confidence and resilience after illness and setbacks

Original Innocence - Inspirational Light essence

Recognising our ever-present, essential innocence and wholeness; self-forgiveness; for recognising that only our judgement separates us from knowing the divine light and perfection of our true being; for moving beyond duality and judgement.

Orange Wallflower - Cheiranthus cheirii

For experiencing the deep well of love and friendship that lies within us, that we can draw on at any time to embrace and support ourselves; for knowing that there is no lack of love or abundance, that love can never be diminished, except in our perception.

One Being - Medicine man quartz

For 'being' still - living meditation. For being deeply centred, fully present - at one with oneself and with the One Being in all.

Loving Me, Loving You - Erica cinerea

Encourages us to embrace and love ourselves just as we are, right now.

Living the Dream - Inspirational Light essence

Strengthens within us the union of courage with knowing - knowing that love works. Shows us that love, peace, healing, joy and abundance are our birthright.

Lilac - Syringa vulgaris

Faced with complicated information or a mass of tasks Lilac helps us to find an intuitive starting point, inspiring us to find a more lateral, right brained approach.

Letting Go - Hyacinthus “White Pearl”

For letting go of deep fears in the human psyche that arise at times of transformation; joy in letting go into an expanded experience of ourselves, stepping into the light – knowing that we will be supported and safe.

Inner Fire - Fire agate, fire pit, red sandstone & eagle feather

For embodying the warrior within; for inner power; for gathering our inner energy and fire; for courage, strength and clarity and powerful decisive action.

Horse Chestnut Leaf Bud - Aesculus hippocastanum

Embracing with love, our masculine, yang energy and a more pro-active, assertive way of relating.

Honesty - Lunaria annua

Enables us to embrace and own our true feelings and the truth about our actions, with love and understanding and without judgement.

Heart Flow - Amaryllis belladonna

Indications: for when we feel we have an emotional tight fist restricting our heart; for when we carry painful memories in our heart and are defensive out of fear of pain or suffering; for when we take things personally.

Heart Mother - Cyclamen sp. and clear quartz

For embodying the archetypal mother within us - the strong, gentle, wise, beautiful mother who empowers and gives enough but does not smother.

Green Alexanders - Smyrnium olustratum

Helps us to enjoy being physically alive and vital. Heightens our awareness of the 'chi' life force energy of this world inspiring us to connect to this re-viatlising energy and light - to breathe it into every cell of our being, to raise our own 'chi' energy and life force.

Grandmothers Arms - Crataegus monogyna

Reminds us that we can connect within ourselves to our own deep wisdom and timeless knowledge of healing, as embodied and passed down by the Grandmother and by the wise women through the ages in many cultures.

Goldenrod - Solidago virgaurea

Encourages us to value our own individual understanding - not from a need to be right, but from a recognition of our own individual right to express an opinion. Enables us to honour and trust our own inner knowing. Empowers us to stand our ground and be able to say no and set appropriate boundaries in our relationships.

Golden Blessings - Golden leaves of Acer platanoides

Encourages us to enjoy and make the most of every moment, every mouthful, every sip - to appreciate every thing that we have - both in material terms, as well as in terms of all the qualities and gifts in our lives. Shows us that we are constantly blessed with everything that we need, just when we need it.

Father Sun - Sonchus arvensis

Helps us to embody the archetype of the divine Father Sun within our own heart and being. It reminds us that we have within us a radiant positive divine Father Self, in whose unconditionally loving arms we can enfold our inner child whenever it feels vulnerable and in need of strength, support and guidance.

Divine Being - Achillea millefolium and clear quartz

What we resist persists - what we embrace transforms. Divine Being encourages us to expand our light into all areas of our experience - to no longer withdraw in fear from an experience, instead to breathe gently and peacefully into our resistance, to fill the whole of our experience with our peace.

Disciple of the Heart

Inspires us to understand the nature of true discipline, which arises from our hearts as an internal, fluid, flexible response to the reality of life as it actually is. It shows us a new way of being - a bubbling flow of creative loving being - trusting in our own innate goodness and perfection.

Cyclamen - Cyclamen hybrida

Inspires us to take time to look after ourselves properly, develop our creativity and to manifest our dreams.

Enables us to gain insight into how we may deal peacefully with any event in our lives - and respond appropriately, instead of running scared into powerless reactions of panic and shock.

Crab Apple Fruit - Malus pumila

Inspires us to experience the light, beauty and perfection of our body and of ourselves, as though newborn. Reminds us that we are not 'physical' beings but are in fact fluid 'energy' beings. What we think is what we create.

Comfrey - Symphytum aspermum

Dynamic patience and stillness; recognising and embracing the opportunity and gift within our present experience or situation.

Child's Play - Inspirational Light essence

For laughter, joy, fun and play; for learning how to play and to use our imagination to create a world that is wonderful, miraculous, joyful and funny; for developing a sense of humour.

Cherry Plum Fruit - Prunus serasifera

For embracing strong feelings without fearful or violent reaction, and without self-judgement or suppression of feeling; for staying peacefully in the heart of feeling and uncovering greater love, self-knowledge and compassion. Centred.

Celandine - Ranunculus ficarius

Enables us to focus on the good in our lives and in the world, opening our eyes to how we can bring joy and goodness through our own actions, and through our enjoyment and appreciation of life.

Bluebell Grove - Scilla non-scripta and selenite

Inspires us to become able to relax and meditate more deeply enabling us to approach our whole life as a living meditation.

Blue Salvia - Salvia guarantica “Blue Enigma”

Revealing with love, the truth behind the mask or smokescreen – our own and other people’s; for being able to see through confusion and mixed messages; for clarity of thought and insight; trusting our clear sight and vision.

Blue Delphinium - Delphinium sp.

Inspires us to communicate from a peaceful inner core of worthiness - knowing that we are all equal, with an equal right to govern our lives, and to speak and express what is true for each of us.

Beauty In The Eye - Orchid, Phalaenopsis hybrid

Indications: For whenever we hold back from embracing someone or something; for dissatisfaction; yearning for ‘better things’, or grieving over unrealised dreams.

Heart of sacred oak

Indications: whenever we seek outside ourselves for wisdom, love, worth, strength, security, abundance or happiness; for deep lack of self confidence; for when we are disturbed by external events or by the reactions of others towards us.