Pure Love

- Narcissus “Paper White”

Essence properties: For learning to give love, be Love and be ‘in love’ every moment of our day; understanding clearly our motivations and desires in relationships; purifying the intentions of our heart; for letting go illusions about ‘falling in love’ and the desire to have someone mirror our beauty and light back to us.

Indications: loneliness; co-dependency and neediness within any relationship; yearning to be loved and to be in love.

Further Insights: Because we have not recognised that we are always 'in love', and that that is our true essence, we have created unhealthy, needy bonds within our intimate, familial and social relationships. Fearing loss of of love or approval we have maintained these co-dependent ties, by avoiding conflict and by denying our integrity and the truth of who we are and what is right and true for each of us.  Pure Love helps us to realise that there is no lack of love, and to see and understand with love, where our own and other people's heart wounds lie.  It encourages us to let go of old pain and illusion, to cut our co-dependent ties with others, and to open our heart to the infinite presence of love, which is the essence of our being, and the essence of all life.