Letting Go

- Hyacinthus “White Pearl”

Essence properties: For letting go of deep fears in the human psyche that arise at times of transformation; joy in letting go into an expanded experience of ourselves, stepping into the light – knowing that we will be supported and safe.

Indications: fear of letting go of the ‘security’ of old fears, beliefs, and limited perceptions of ourselves and of life; fear of losing control, or of letting go of old pain, or situations or people that we are hanging on to; fear of letting go at the point of dying.

Further Insights: It is easy to forget when we come up against our deepest fears, that we are facing an opportunity to move into a wonderful and expanded experience of ourselves and of life.  We would not have reached this point of transformation, if we had not outgrown the restriction of our previous 'caterpillar' form.  Lettng Go helps us to realize, that like the butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, we too are on the verge of flying free into a wonderful, expanded experience of ourselves and of the world.  It helps us to understand that our fears are illusory and unnecessary - that the little voice in our ear, undermining our confidence, is telling us lies.  The voice for fear always says 'What if" and never tells us what is.