Horse Chestnut Leaf Bud

- Aesculus hippocastanum

Essence properties: Embracing with love, our masculine, yang energy and a more pro-active, assertive way of relating; celebration and appreciation of male physicality and sexuality; inspires men to use their sexuality with love, and respect for themselves and others.

Indications: reluctance to embrace our masculine, yang energy, for men who lack confidence in their physicality, sexuality and virility; for women who feel turned off sex or male sexuality. 

Further Insights:  Horse Chestunut Leaf Bud essence relates to whenever we are reluctant, (as men or women), to appreciate or to embrace our masculine, yang energy, or a more yang, pro-active, assertive way of being and relating.  We may have witnessed this masculine yang energy being used to dominate and control others and are therefore reluctant to appreciate or to embody that kind of energy in our relationships, or in our way of relating to the world.  Horse Chestnut Leaf Bud inspires us to embody and use our masculine, yang energy with love and respect for our own integrity, and for the integrity of others.