Divine Being

- Achillea millefolium and clear quartz

Essence properties: Confidence in our ability to heal; realising that our body is not a ‘physical’ body, but an energy body - that energy follows thought, and that we are miraculous beings; for expanding our light and peace into every atom of our being, and into every experience.

Indications: feeling powerless, vulnerable or disempowered by illness; feeling vulnerable to pollution, radiation, cancer, viruses etc; fear of other people’s energy, or of psychic or physical attack.

Further Insights: When we lack confidence in our ability to heal, this esence reminds us that our body is not a 'physical' body but an energy body, and that energy follows thought.  In this way, our body relfects back to us our thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and feelings about ourselves and about our world.  Divine Being encourages us to expand the light and peace of our divine self, into every atom, cell and fibre of our whole being.  As we embrace ourselves and life with divine awareness, 'miracles' occur and we may soon being to realise that 'miracles' are an everyday fact of divine being.