Cherry Plum Fruit

Prunus serasifera

Essence Properties: For embracing strong feelings without fearful or violent reaction, and without self-judgement or suppression of feeling; for staying peacefully in the heart of feeling and uncovering greater love, self-knowledge and compassion. Centred.

Indications: Fear of feeling; fear of breakdown or collapse during times of strong emotional release; for when we become uncentred and reactive or disconnected from feeling.

Further Insights: Cherry Plum Fruit is not only useful when catharsis occurs.  Used on an ongoing basis, it encourages us to embrace, acknowledge and own our feelings as they arise, without judgement or fear, becoming conscious of how we feel through the day and aware of how these feelings affect our actions and choices.  In this way we no longer suppress how we feel, or explode so often in reaction or panic when some event triggers the release of long held emotions.  We learn to know and trust ourselves and our ability to embrace whatever arises in our experience, without losing our peace or our centre.