The Treatment

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The Treatment, first developed by Dutch homeopaths Tinus Smits and Ton Jansen to stimulate the child’s own detoxification process, has now been further developed by Ton Jansen, and he refers to it as Homeopathic Detox Therapy or HDT.  

It has been found by many familes around the world as:

  • safe
  • gentle
  • non-toxic
  • non-addictive
  • effective

After the first Consultation we will be able to make:

  • A timeline of the suspected toxic exposure
  • A timeline of the symptoms as they appeared
  • A treatment plan 
The Treatment can begin:
This involves giving the particular toxin or medication back in homeopathic form over the course of a few weeks, stimulating a detox reaction of the original exposure working using the timeline as guidance.


I expect to see improvement in symptoms with noticeable changes within the first few months and this will continue as the layers of toxicity are cleared.  I offer a free of charge consultation chat by skype or telephone to ensure that all your questons are answered before a fee paying appointment is made.
FREE 30 Minute Consultation