(Punica Granatum)
Karpas Peninsula, Cyprus

This is a very feminine Essence and invites us to connect with everything within us and about us that is feminine.  It helps us to embrace and celebrate all aspects and phases of being a woman.  For reclaiming the power of my feminity and for knowing my worth as a woman.  It offers hormonal support for all the stages of womanhood - puberty, conception, pregnancy and birth, menopause and beyond - virgin, mother enchantress, crone.  

Pomegranate also supports us in our relationships with women.  Anyone who has been hurt by a woman, or has had a traumatic experience with a woman can take this Essence and be empowered to move towards a healthy relationship with the feminine.  

Healing the sacral chakra it encourages us to celebrate our sexuality and sexual energy.  It connects us with Venus goddess energy, inviting us to look in the mirror and say "Aren't I beautiful?"  "I am so gorgeous."  "I celebrate my beauty."

I celebrate my beauty.  I celebrate being a woman.  I heal my relationship with feminine power.