Select up to 8 essences

 Yellow Hyacinth
 Wild Cyclamen
 The Rose
 Sweet Pea
 Red Quince
 True Power
 With Love
 Sweet Hunza
 Sky Blue Comfrey
 Rosebay Willowherb
 Red Poppy
 Red Gladiolus
 Red Deadnettle
 Red Clover
 Pussy Willow
 Pure Love
 Pink Cherry
 Phoenix Rebirth
 Peaceful Detachment
 Passionate Life
 Original Innocence
 Orange Wallflower
 One Being
 Loving Me, Loving You
 Living the Dream
 Letting Go
 Inner Fire
 Horse Chestnut Leaf Bud
 Heart Flow
 Heart Mother
 Green Alexanders
 Grandmothers Arms
 Golden Blessings
 Father Sun
 Divine Being
 Disciple of the Heart
 Crimean Snowdrop
 Crab Apple Fruit
 Child's Play
 Cherry Plum Fruit
 Bluebell Grove
 Blue Salvia
 Blue Delphinium
 Beauty in The Eye
 At the Heart of Being
 Autumn Squill
 Autumn Crocus
 Wild Carrot
 The Desert
 Solar Eclipse
 Sea Squill
 Sea Holly
 Olympus Laurel
 Field Scabious
 El Ghriba