(Cistus Salvifolius) Cirali, Turkey

Strong sense of self, especially feminine self.  Willingness to take risks, to be out there.  Cistus helps me trust in myself and in others.  Confidence and courage. This is me.  How to be confident about me in relationship and not lose myself.  

How to relate in an intimate way and be true to myself.  For when we are exploring relationships, including sexual relationships, and feel shy, inexperienced or inadequate.  

For those who have no sense of who they are, especially in relationship.   They have been hiding, even from themselves.  Cistus asks "Who am I?  What do want?"

This Essence helps me to feel strong, grounded and present enough to participate, to show up - in relationships, and in my life.  

Cistus promotes a sense of self and a sense of my place in the world.

I know who I am and I take my place in the world.