Mediterranean Essences

The Essences that are for you are the ones whose images "speak' to you or you are "drawn to".  It's fascinating how they are always spot on and clicking on the images will confirm this for you!    A beautiul blue bottle with up to eight essences of your choice from The Mediterranean and or the Light Heart range can be sent to you anywhere in the world by letting me know here which you have chosen. (Move between the essence page and the order page via the tabs (windows) at the top of the page to keep your order)

I am ready to forgive. I am ready to shine my light.

I celebrate my beauty. I celebrate being a woman. I heal my relationship with feminine power.

Into the slipstream of life. Surfing the wave effortlessly.

I connect with my team. I reinvent myself to fulfil my destiny.

I re-open my heart. I am willing to receive gentle, soothing, loving support.

Self Respect. Respect from Others. Integration.

My Spiritual needs are met. I trust in life and in the abundance of life. I am blessed. I have enough. I am enough.

I am connected to my source and my purpose.

I am supported in making choices for myself. It's my time now to step into my power.

I embrace both the detail and the bigger picture, and I act to manifest the perfect outcome.

Success! I embrace success and I receive acknowledgement.

Renewal. Revitalisation. I am inspired and blessed by the wisdom of the ancestors.

Positive Yang Energy. I embrace my warrior energy.

Great Mother Goddess Energy. I nourish and I am nourished.

Support, courage, strength and grounding for change. I embrace the new and unknown.

Healthy fire energy. Passion. Healthy expression of anger.

Throat Chakra. Self Expression. It is safe for me to express myself.

I have the courage to change the story. Pilgrimage - a Journey of Self-Liberation.

Open-Hearted. Joyful. Abundant. I deserve.

I know who I am and I take my place in the world.

Reconciliation. Family Healing. I honour the sacred space between us.