Viola odorata

Essence properties: Encourages us to express truth, maintain integrity, boundaries and privacy; balances the ego, dis-empowering the glamour of image creation;  for true humility.  Enables us to to move beyond fear and take our gifts out into the world whilst staying centred in our true source of power. 'Getting out there' and being 'seen'.

Indications: when we struggle to maintain integrity, boundaries & privacy while in the public eye; avoiding exposure, fearing loss of boundaries and integrity; fearing being drawn into glamour.

Further Insights: Our Soul choice may be calling us to play a public role at this time, but our limited, frightened sense of self sometimes may prefer to stay a hermit or a 'shrinkng violet' for the rest of our days, rather than take on the challenge of 'getting out there'.  This may be because we are afraid that our fragile ego will be lured by the glamour or we may fear loss of privacy and boundaries.  We may fear being 'seen' - and our very human-ness being exposed.  We may also fear not being able to 'come up with the goods'  - not having something valid to offer, or not being able to continue to offer something of value.