True Power

Crocus thomasinianus “Royal”

Essence properties: Realising that true power lies within us, in the limitless love and truth of our being – that this is power and stature beyond measure, and can never be diminished or taken by anyone.

Indications: power struggles and power games; fear of power; fear of abuse of power; avoiding taking on roles of power for fear of jealousy; for when we are jealous of those who have power; abuse or manipulation of power; feelings of powerlessness.

Further Insights: Being powerful or 'in our power' is not something that we get or acquire, rather it is being completely at peace and at one with who we are - happy to be who we are, and being congruent in our choices, so that we actually live who we are in the way that is right for us, without being concerned about other people's opinions or judgement.