Sweet Hunza

Prunus armeniaca

Essence properties: Embracing the gift of now; finding or creating profound healing, meaning and sweetness in the midst of hardship or suffering; knowing that all is well and all will be well.

Indications: Despair; hopelessness; confusion; feelings of failure;  fighting and resisting one's experience - “Why me? Why this? Why now? When will things come right?  When will this suffering end?"

Further Insights:  Sweet Hunza teaches us that we are not victims, that at a soul level we create all our experiences, precisely for the experience and for the opportunity to grow in love and understanding. When life doesn't go according to the narrow vision of ego, the separated child self, we struggle and become agitated and fight desperately to get out of our present situation.  It is this panicking, struggling and fighting that creates our suffering, not the reality of our experience, which we are trying so hard to resist.  It reminds us that now is all that there is, and that out of each now moment we create our experience and beliefs - that we do have a choice - whether to run this scenario through the fight and resitance of fear, or by sitting in the embrace of peace.