Veronica persica

Essence properties: For dynamic, centred stillness - being fully present and connected in the moment, seeing true;  for relaxed, alert concentration and attention to detail;  for meditation and connection to intuition and guidance;  for coming into timelessness enabling us to take all the time we need.

Indications: trying to go too fast;  not connecting to the now;  over active, speedy states; poor focus and attention;  driving to meet deadlines;  fear of connection and being present; accident prone, feeling as though there is not enough time.

Further Insights: Speedwell teaches us how to take our time - how to take time to connect and time to think - time to be - time to look at what's in front of us and really see - time to listen - time to really enjoy doing something - time to relax - time to do something really well.  It says that there is all the time in the world, and it takes us into an experience of the deep infinity of time - a wonderful expansion of timelessness.  In this infinite timeless space we settle deeply in to a rich expanse of now, in which there is always time for all we have to do.