Sky Blue Comfrey

Symphytum aspermum

Essence properties: Infinite dynamic peace;  divine peace;  knowing that we are and always have been infinite and that time and death are an illusion;  timelessness;  letting go into the infinity of our being.

Indications: fear of ageing and mortality; fear of loss of capabilities, health or beauty through aging; feelings of insecurity triggered by perceptions of aging and mortality; fear of separation through death.

Further Insights: Sky Blue Comfrey takes us into a realisation of timelessness - that time does not exist, except in our perceptions - that there is, and only ever has been, now - the moment that we are in. It shows us that each moment is new - that we can relax and expand deeply into the infiinty of our being, within the timelessness of each moment.  It inspires us to let go of our perceptions of time and of the passage of time; of aging, and of all the illusory 'what ifs', and to relax instead into the constantly new movement of infinite and joyful being.