Rosebay Willowherb

Epilobium angustifolium

Essence properties: Connection to the spirit in nature, the natural world, animals and the earth; embracing awareness of the multi-dimensional reality of life; recognising heaven on earth; gratitude for earth’s gifts.

Indications: when we feel disconnected from the spirit of the natural world and the earth; fear of expanded awareness.

Further Insights:  Rosebay Willowherb helps us to see and give thanks for the beauty and gifts of the earth and the natural world.  It deepens our connection to nature, to the trees, rocks, plants and creatures - the herbs that heal, the animal spirits that guide us - and to the ways in which we can work together with the spirits of this place, to heal and care for the earth and for ourselves.  It seems fitting that we have the gift of flower essences at this time, to deepen our connection to our own divine essence and to the divine essence in all life, on earth and elsewhere.