Red Quince

Chaenomeles speciosa “Simonii”

Essence Properties: Helps us to enfold our wounded child, Our Self, with unconditional love, to begin to heal childhood wounds of judgement and loss.  Allows our inner child to relax, to regain its innocence and confidence, and to open its heart once again to love and truth.  Enables us to recognise the truth in what others say, and in our life: being ‘Big enough’ to embrace the truth about ourselves; for essential self-worth; releasing the pain of self-judgment.

Indications: taking everything personally; aggressive defence against hearing the truth about oneself (arising out of the pain of low self-worth, self-hatred and past judgment); feeling ‘got at’, misunderstood - a victim in life; for when we wrongly interpret what someone says, taking it as a judgement against ourselves.