Red Poppy

Papaver rhoeas

Essence properties: For a fiery sense of self-worth; for constructive use of anger to bring about positive change; setting boundaries without guilt.

Indications: fear of anger; swinging between angry outbursts and suppression of anger; repeated unconstructive anger; frustration, powerlessness, resignation; feeling a victim of circumstance.

Further insights: When we repeatedly feel unable to bring about positive change in our lives, in relation to situations that are no longer healthy or tolerable, we begin to lose confidence.  We became resentful, angry, depressed, and often see ourselves as a victim.  Whenever we find ourselves saying "I can't" Red Poppy helps us to turn that into an "I can" state of mind, encouraging us to take charge of our life and our destiny, to peacefully and assertively set boundaries, and to take positve steps to bring about any change that is needed in our circumstances.  It helps us to get positive movement and energy flowing in our life so that we can channel suppressed or furstrated anger into creating a constructive way forward for all.