Red Clover

- Trifolium pratense

Essence properties: For settling into the ever-present peace in the heart of our being; for knowing we are safe and supported at all times and that fear is an illusion which always says ‘What if…’ and never says what is.

Indications: panic; anxiety; worry; when we allow ourselves to be drawn into mass panic, anxiety about world events or about health (one’s own, or friends and family); worrying about money.

Further insights:  Red Clover is grounding, settling, comforting and warming - particularly for the base, sacral, solar plexus and heart chakras. It brings a strong sense of being supported, of not being alone, and of being deeply partnered and supported by spirit every moment of our life.  It encourages us to not take life too seriously, and it teaches us how to laugh a rich deep belly laugh at the illusion of fear.

Red Clover shows us that whatever happens we are safe, and that even in death, we are held in the loving arms of our infinite self and our spiritual friends and guardians.  It reminds us that we are not powerless mortals, but are instead infinite, creative, divine beings.

At this time we have the possibility of walking away from aeons of 'mortal' fear that we have created and maintained since the time we first began to separate in our perceptions from the experience of our divine being.  Red Clover is one of those essences that can inspire us at this time, to experience the reality and peace of our divine being here on earth - to know the peace of heaven on earth.