Pink Cherry

- Prunus “Kanzan”

Essence properties: For a deep sense of unconditional tender, compassionate love; heart softening and opening; nurtures and soothes; for unconditional love; inspires tenderness and sensitivity.

Indications: when we’ve hardened or protected our heart and are hard on ourselves or others; when we had insufficient mothering/love as children; for bonding with children.

Further Insights: If, as very small children, we were not loved, or if we grew up in harsh environments in which 'how we felt' was not acknowledged, or was judged as being 'soft' or a sign of weakness, we may now react by hiding how we feel from the world, out of fear of ridicule or rejection, even burying or hiding our feelings from ourselves.  In this way we defend our hearts and become cut off from our own feelings and sensitivity.  We may become stiff and judgemental towards ourselves as well as towards those around us.

Pink Cherry helps to soften any hard-heartedness that we may have developed towards ourselves or towards others.  It gently opens the heart, encouraging us to allow more love and tenderness into our lives - to be kinder, more understanding and more compassionate towards ourselves and towards others.