- Physostegia virginiana

Essence properties: Integrity in interaction; centred interaction with others – able to respond appropriately without being affected by strong influences or ego dynamics; separating out what’s ‘mine’ and ‘thine’.

Indications: denial of integrity in relating to others; for when we are swayed by peer/social pressure or other people’s emotional/ego dynamics; un-centred response in a crisis; conflict resolution.

Further Insights: If we find it hard to stand our ground and feel overwhelmed by those around us who have more forceful personalities, Physostegia inspires us to stay peacefully in our centre.  It helps us to recognise what are our emotional dynamics, and what are other people's emotional and ego dynamics.  It encourages us to leave other people's issues to them to deal with and it helps us to focus on what's going on for us, and what we need to do or to understand in a situation.

Doctrine of Signatures: Physostegia encourages us to look at who, or what, we are obedient to - Who is our master? - Are we responding to life from the level of our ego-reactive, wounded child-self, or from the level of our Higher Self and the truth of a situation? Its Doctrine of Signatures reflects both the positive and negative aspects of these dynamics.  Physostegia is a tall upright plant that grows in large clumps, with each stem standing strong and tall, on it's own within the clump.  Arranged around the top of the stem are many rose-violet flowers.  It is possible to push each flower from its original position to face in another direction. Once moved the flower stays in its new position - hence the name 'Obedient Plant'. Physostegia encourages us to not allow ourselves to be pushed around by others or by what's going on around us.