Phoenix Rebirth

- Ulex europaeus

Essence properties: Forgiveness; going through the fire of anger, grief and truth to embrace compassion and personal power; peaceful assertion; conflict resolution.

Indications: for when we need to forgive; for moving out of patterns of anger, guilt, resentment and powerlessness; for personal and community relationships where there is much unresolved old anger and conflict which it seems impossible to clear or to forgive; for moving out of playing the role of ‘victim’.

Further Insights: Phoenix Rebirth encourages us to let go our desire for justice. It helps us to not return to old habits of judgement, but to understasnd instead, that we choose situations and people who will provide us with opportunites to honour our integrity, set boundaries, release karma, and experience the unity and healing of unconditional love.  It tells us that it is not necessary to muster vast amounts of forgiveness in order to cancel out what we feel has been a huge act committed against us.  Forgiveness is simply the act of withdrawing the judgement that we hold against ourselves and against others.