Peaceful Detachment

- Achillea millefolium & quartz

Essence properties: For peaceful detachment from the emotional energy or suffering of others; for safe connection to others at the level of the Higher Self - beyond fear, ego reaction and emotional drama.

Indications: for over-empathy, over-sensitivity to, and over-involvement in the level of emotional reactive or fearful drama in our own or other people’s lives; for therapists and healers who are over-sensitive and over-empathic.

Further insights:  Peaceful Detachment reminds us that that we are all powerful divine beings, and that we've created our experience at this time, precisely for the opportunity to embrace the reality of our divine being.  None of us are victims of circumstance, and if we wish to empower and heal ourselves and others, we need to connect with what's hapening at the level of divine awareness. When we no longer give energy to the level of the wound in others, we can hold them in the light of their highest potential and healing.  When we hold others in the light of their whole being, we empower them to find the resources and understanding they need in order to deal with their present challenges.  Whenever we connect to the level of the divine and to a divine perspective, we create an energy of safety and peace, and an enlightened empowered space in which healing and transformation can occur.  There are no limitations in the divine.