Passionate Life

- Amaryllis belladonna, amethyst & quartz


Essence properties: Energy, enthusiasm, courage, adventurousness, motivation, zest for life and new experiences; being passionately alive; overcoming obstacles and setbacks; rebuilding confidence after illness.

Indications: for whenever we need a boost to our courage and confidence; for fear of risks and challenges; lack of confidence and motivation; discouragement, disheartenment; being over-protective of oneself; fear of living.

Further Insight: Passionate Life helps us to muster the courage to 'have a go' at doing something new. How fast we move out of familiar territory is up to us.  By taking Passionate Life we can uncover where our resistance lies, and by combining it with other essences, we can gradually develop the confidence in ourselves and in life, to really begin to explore new areas of life and new experiences.