Original Innocence

- Inspirational Light essence

Essence properties: Recognising our ever-present, essential innocence and wholeness; self-forgiveness; for recognising that only our judgement separates us from knowing the divine light and perfection of our true being; for moving beyond duality and judgement.

Indications: for deep feelings of guilt, failure & unworthiness; self-punishment; never feeling good enough; for believing we cannot reach heaven or enlightenment unless we become perfect or pure.

Further Insights: When we connect with our true innocence we begin to understand our actions with great love and compassion and can learn from them.  Original Innocence helps us to purify our perception, so that we can constantly see ourselves and others in the light of our true innocence.  It reminds us too that what we believe about ourselves, the world reflects back to us: if we judge ourselves we will find ourselves judged.  When we let go of the guilt and judgement in our perception, we experience ourselves and others in our true form.