Orange Wallflower

- Cheiranthus cheirii

Essence properties: For self-appreciation; becoming our own best friend, enjoying our own company; for feeling relaxed in company; for experiencing the deep well of love and friendship that lies within us, that we can draw on at any time to embrace and support ourselves; for knowing that there is no lack of love or abundance, that love can never be diminished, except in our perception.

Indications: loneliness; neediness; feeling an outsider in groups; insecurity in relationships; fear of love being withheld or denied; fear of lack of love or abundance.

Further Insights: Orange Wallflower brings the sweet warmth of self-appreciation to our hearts, helping us to really like and enjoy our own company and our unique being.  It teaches us how to be a good and loving friend towards ourselves and shows us that we have within us a boundless source of love and friendship, a source that never runs dry, and on which we can draw at any time.

Doctrine of Signatures:  The Orange Wallflower from which the essence was made grows out from between the bricks of our crumbling garden wall.  There is almost no mortar in this wall, and certainly no soil or obvious nutrients, let alone any moisture.  Each year, for many years, this solitary plant has grown bigger and bigger, creating an abundance of branches covered in a rich mass of sweetly scented deep orange flowers.  It is as though it draws its nourishment from the air itself - as though it knows no lack, only abundance of all its needs.  When I made this essence I heard sung the words "Love is in the Air" from the song of that name.  Rose Titchiner - Light Heart Essence maker