One Being

- Medicine man quartz

Esssence properties: For being still, deeply centered, fully present – at one with oneself and with the One Being in all; deep peace; for deepening meditation and attunement to devas, spirits, people, plants and animals; for development of true clairvoyance and clairaudience.

Indications: for whenever we feel disconnected, isolated or cut off from the world; for when we find it hard to meditate or to attune to the spirit in others or in the world.

Further Insights: One Being resonates with the depth of communion and clear vision of the elder medicine people of this world and with their communion with the spirits of the land, the plants, the animals and the people.  It also connects us to our own universal Buddha awareness.  We may draw on this essence to futher our connection and understanding of the natural world, and for whenever we are working with devas, spirits, people, plants, animals or enviroments, to commune more clearly with them, and to understand better their condition and the reality of any situation.

Rose experienced: "I sat in the garden, not far from where the essence was being made and found myself entering into an experience of complete and profound stillness and connection - at one with everything around me in the garden and the universe.  This experience lasted uninterrupted for over an hour, at the end of which I was overwhelmend by the beauty and depth of this connection.  Since that evening this stillness and connection has stayed with me as though I am in more of a state of 'living' meditation as I move through the world".  Rose - Light Heart Essence maker.