Loving Me, Loving You

- Erica cinerea

Essence properties: For loving who we are, right now; for embracing with love and laughter all our ‘imperfections; for celebrating our uniqueness; encourages us to be happy to be real, to accept and show our human-ness, and to be warm and loving towards others.

Indications: low self-worth; feeling not ‘good enough’ as we are; when we want to be thinner, cleverer, more beautiful, successful, younger, tidier etc; when we feel un-relaxed and self-conscious around others, obsessed with ‘improving’ our image; self-hatred. 
Further Insights: Loving Me, Loving Your, releases us from the tyrany of image and shows us the beauty of being real - of showing our true face and and our true beauty.  True beauty arises from within our own hearts, from the radiance of the love that we give to ourselves and that we radiate out into the world. When we relax and drop our image and our front and show our real self and our real feelings to the world, with love and with laughter, we liberate others to begin to relax and be brave enough to show their human-ness and real-ness too.