With Love

 Rose - “Sophie’s Perpetual"

Essence properties:  Doing what we love and loving what we do; being wholehearted in our choices; examining our heart about our life and life choices; Encouraging us to live a life that is truly loving to ourselves and others, within which we wholeheartedly love what we are doing, and do it in such a way that whatever we do is imbued with the resonance of love.

Indications: half-heartedness; dragging ourselves through life; feeling unfulfilled, depressed and resentful about what we’ve taken on, exhaustion; feeling weighed down by trying to live or work according to social or other standards, structures and ideals.

Further Insights:  With Love encourages us to create a life that is rich and varied, relaxed and inspiring, abundant, and filled with beauty, joy and creativity.  It shows us that this is our birthright - that we are not meant to create and maintain a life of suffering and drudgery for ourselves or for others. 'All work and no play'.  It asks us to recognise in our choices, that love works, and that if we choose to create a life that is loving towards ourselves and towards others, then the universe will support us in this.  It reminds us that there is no virtue in suffering or in creating a hard life for ourselves and that there is no healing to be found in creating an exhausting and over demanding life.