Living the Dream

- Inspirational Light essence

Essence properties: Moving beyond trust and hope into empowerment, clarity of vision and positive action to realise our dream for ourselves and for the world; for knowing that love does prevail; moving from being the dreamer to living the dream.

Indications: for whenever we do not fully trust that it is possible to live our dream; for when we waiver, doubt, or lose hope of realising our dreams.

Further Insights: Living the Dream helps us to remember our soul incarnation choice at this time and to become clearer in our vision of where we are going, even if we do not necessarily know how we will get there.  It moves us from being the dreamer, to 'living' the dream and it stengthens the integration of the Higher Self, enabling us to know, with greater accuracy when and how to act, in order to manifest our dreams into reality.