- Syringa vulgaris

Essence properties: Steering an instinctive path through complex situations or information; finding a lateral approach to dealing with complexity and multi-level, multi-dimensional information; intuitively establishing order within chaos.

Indications: whenever we feel overwhelmed by complex information or situations, or are facing complex tasks and don’t know how to begin to make sense and establish order. 

Further Insights:  Lilac often arises when we face a confusing mass of issues.   We may feel overwhelmed by all that needs sorting in our lives, unsure about where to begin - or too daunted even to start, because we are afraid of how long it will take to sort out everything we are facing. Sometimes we are impatient and want to deal with everything at once, and want to get everything sorted as fast as possible. Lilac shows us where to begin, then what to deal with next and next encouraging us to have patience, and trust in ourselves and in life and to follow the process through.