Inner Fire

- Fire agate, fire pit, red sandstone & eagle feather

Essence properties: For courage, strength, clarity, accurate vision, decisive action; for strong peaceful assertion; bringing to an end situations that are intolerable; setting boundaries, standing one’s ground, saying no.

Indications: for when we find ourselves repeatedly powerless and frustrated - feeling a victim, but lacking the courage, clarity or strength to say no, or to end a situation.

Further Insights: If we have been brought up in a polite environment in which people did not express directly what they were feeling, where anger was taboo or was suppressed, or used subversively in manipulative behaviour, then we may never have learnt to call a spade a spade, and may be afraid to be clear and unequivocal.  Inner Fire inspires us to realise that we have a basic human right to stand fully in our power.  We all have a right to do this and by doing so, we free up the energy of many situations and bring clarity and strength to our interactions.