- Lunaria annua

Essence properties: For showing our true face; being happy to show our true feelings with love and understanding; embracing the full depth and range of our feelings; trusting our own innate goodness and intention.

Indications: hiding our true feelings or the truth about a situation from oneself or from others for fear of judgment; fear of exposure; for when's one's honesty is questioned; for when we try to maintain an image of perfection in order to hide our vulnerability and humanness; for stage fright.

Further Insights: Honesty encourages us to open our hearts to ourselves and to others, without fear of judgement.  It helps us to become self-knowing - to lovingly understand what motivates our actions, and to recognise that whilst we continue to judge ourselves we will continue to attract those who will mirror our judgement of ourselves back to us.  When we unconditionally embrace and understand our feelings, and understand how they motivate our actions, we no longer feel crushed by the judgements of others.  We begin to feel able to honestly express our feelings, admit our 'mistakes' and show our human-ness and vulnerablity, knowing that this expression of truth is a gift of love to the world.  In so doing, we inspire others around us to relax and to feel undefended enough to show their essential human-ness too.