Heart Mother

- Cyclamen sp. and clear quartz

Essence properties: Creating a balance between giving and receiving - between nurturing and empowering ourselves and others; cutting the apron strings; cutting unhealthy emotional ties that bind us, empowering others to become responsible for their own wellbeing and affairs; connection to the earth; environmental awareness.

Indications: inadequate or excessive mothering in childhood; for excessive nurture and cosseting, as well as for denial of nurture and emotional support for ourselves or others; for carers and therapists who need to get a life outside of caring; for when we help others in order to create an identity of ‘worth’ for ourselves. For mood swings - extremes of highs and lows, and swings between neediness and self-denial; for difficulty managing our resources - in terms of energy or finances;  for when we cannot conrol our hunger for love, food, sex or material goods; for when we feel so deprived that we take without respect and without giving in return.

Further Insights: Both inadequate and excessive mothering can leave our child self in a state of arrested development and we need the energetic experience of the strong wise empowering mother to replace the early matrix, so that our inner child can be sufficiently loved and encouraged, to enable it to grow up with the abiltiy to nurture, support and empower itself throughout life.