Green Alexanders

- Smyrnium olustratum

Essence propertiies: Connection to the revitalizing ‘chi’ energy of the natural world and to the joy of being physically alive and physically active; feeling uplifted and renewed by being out in the natural world, the elements, and the changing weather and seasons.

Indications: lack of confidence in our physicality and robustness; reluctance to take physical exercise; disconnection from the natural world and the elements; feeling uncomfortable with the changing weather, seasons and temperatures.

Further Insights: Green Alexanders helps us to really begin to notice the life force arounds us, and thw ways in which we can draw on this vibrant energy to renew our own 'chi' vitality.  Being outside, away from electro-magnetic souces and surrounded by negative ions also helps to balance and clear the effects of too many hours spent around computers, televisons and microwaves - all of which deplete our vital force.

Doctrine of Signatures: Green Alexanders is an extraordinary plant.  It remains green throughout most of the year.  In the harshest of winters its leaves grow green and lush - even in January when almost all other soft green herbaceous plants have withered and turned brown in the frost, this plant looks as fresh as any leafy young plant would in springtime.  It can also grow in the hottest, driest places without losing its vigour and lushness.  It is a though it contains its own anti-freeze and its own wellspring of vitality.