Grandmothers Arms

- Crataegus monogyna

Essence properties: Knowing what heals our body, mind and spirit; living in peace at a sustainable pace, at one with the rhythms, cycles and true timing of life; balancing the needs of our inner child and busy adult self, or the multiple needs within a community or family.

Indications: putting ourselves or others under pressure to go faster and do more; internal conflict between our busy adult self and our inner child; for finding an holistic way to heal.

Further Insights: Grandmother Arms offers a way to connect with the unconditional mother energy. Carrying within her all the wisdom and understanding of babe, girl, maid, woman, mother and grandmother, the Grandmother knows how to heal all the wounds of the heart.  In embodying this healing within ourselves, we hold our heart child safe within the embrace of strong, gentle wise arms, and with immeasurale love, encouragement and wisdom, restore wholeness, strength, joy and laughter.

Doctrine of Signatures: standing within a hawthorn bush in the spring I felt enveloped by the beautiful white blossom tinged with pink and understood the love and support of Grandmothers Arms.