- Solidago virgaurea

Essence properties: Inner authority and self-respect; individual integrity, self-referral and self-responsibility; peaceful assertion; following our own inner knowing; setting appropriate boundaries.

Indications: loss of integrity, feeling diminished or crushed by another’s opinion or judgment; neglecting our own integrity, submitting to authority figures, bullying or social pressure; for rebelliousness and resentment; for when we have lost our father, or when our father was absent, weak or over-dominant.

Further Insights: This is an essence for indivduation, and peaceful self-assertion.  It often relates to teenagers who are struggling to find their own identiy, in relation to authority and in relation to peer group pressure and influence.  It also addresses those times when we know that we need to leave a relationship, or a group that we are a part of, and are afraid to do so because we do not feel strong or confident enough to stand alone.  It gives us the courage to walk our own path, to support ourselves and to begin to enjoy our own company and counsel, and it encourages us to build new relationships, from a standpoint of greater self-respect and integrity.