Golden Blessings

- Golden leaves of Acer platanoides

Essence properties: Gratitude; feeling blessed; appreciation; feeling abundant; creating joy, happiness and golden moments; happy with change and ‘imperfection’; not needing things or ourselves to be ‘perfect’ in order to appreciate and enjoy life; sharing blessings and gifts.

Indications: discontented; never fully satisfied; always hungry for more or for things to get better; unappreciative; restless, critical and self-critical; fear of lack; unable to give; fear of loss or change.

Further Insights: This essence shows us that we can have all the riches in the world and still not feel satisfied.  There is nothing wrong in having beautiful things and wonderful gifts, but we live in a world of change and we need to be able to let go continually, and we need to appreciate where we are and what we have in any moment.  We can lose anything or anyone at any time, and that loss is far worse if we have not appreciated what we've had, when we've had it.