Father Sun

- Sonchus arvensis

Essence properties: For becoming confident in independently managing our affairs, and being ‘out there’ in the world; becoming self-supporting; for courage, inner strength and robustness; for re-connecting with our supportive, strong Father Self; finding ways to warm and strengthen our body and spirit throughout the winter.

Indications: feeling unable to cope independently in the world without strong support; grief over the loss of one’s father or male partner; grief at the loss of warmth and light in autumn & winter.

Further Insights:  Father Sun also helps those who are sensitive and have a strong connection to moon, water and earth energy, but perhaps lack a great deal of fire energy:  Father Sun helps us to embody within us the lion-hearted, masculine radiance of the sun in order that we may feel robust and confident enough to fully interact with the world.  

As we lose the warmth and light of the sun in autumn it inspires us to find ways to warm and strengthen our body and spirit through the cold, dark days of winter - to keep the sun shining in our hearts throughout the year.