Disciple of the Heart

- Salix viminalis

Essence properties: For creating flexible, heart-impelled structure and discipline in our lives, and in businesses and organisations; for finding our own unique and loving way to structure our life and our work.

Indications: reaction against rigid discipline and structure; feeling a failure if we can’t live up to rigid ideals of organisation or self-discipline; avoiding developing a project or a talent because of fear of being pinned down by structure.

Further Insights: Disciple of the Heart encourages us to find our own heart-impelled ways to organise our lives, so that we can follow our dreams and manifest them in the world.  It encourages us to be kinder and more unerstanding of our child/self - to embrace our need for play and for life to be more creative and loving - and not so adult and serious.  Whenever we feel inadequate because we feel we are unable to live up to some standard or ideal, Disciple of the heart inspires us to love and to trust ourselves, and our own innate goodness.