Cyclamen hybrida

Essence properties: Self Nurture; making time and space to nourish our body, mind, heart and soul; nurturing our core energy and dreams; making time to centre and connect with how we’re feeling; choosing from the heart & nurturing our dreams, abilities and creativity.

Indications: for loss of sense of self and integrity; exhaustion, burnout; allowing our life to be dictated to by external demands; loss of creativity and inspiration.

Further Insights: Cyclamen is about living life from our heart, from a point of love - creating lives which are rich and full, with time to nourish and care for ourselves, and time to nurture our body's need for rest, good food and exercise, and our soul's need for interest, inspiration, fun, peace, companionship, colour, and creative expression. Cyclamen inspires us to take time to look after ourselves properly, to develop our creativity and to manifest our dreams knowing that whatever is loving and nurturing for us personally, will also benefit those around us.

Doctrine of Signatures: This particular essence was made from a minature cyclamen plant which lived in my ofice/den/sancturary.  It flowered almost continually for three years.  As cyclamens grow from young plants into adult plants, they gradually develop a broad, heart shaped corm that contains a store of nourishment and moisture that they can draw on, and which sustains them through lean, dry periods. In the wild, cylamens grow in the shade of trees, in poor, dry soil, with few nutrients, surviving for many years because of their ability to create this corm. The leaves are also heart-shaped and the faces of the flowers look down as if in quiet consideration.                   Rose - Light Heart Essence Maker.